The Happiest of Mondays to you Babes –


You may be thinking to yourself who on this earth would actually admit to loving Monday? MONDAYS ARE THE WORST. And yes, I typically agree with that statement however…… I schedule my Mondays as a “don’t have to change out of your sweatpants” kind of day. Which I highly encourage you to consider.


I like my Mondays to be a no pressure kind of morning. You know the kind where you don’t have to rush! It’s the morning where you find yourself laying in bed, contemplating, “If I snooze this alarm what is the level of put-together I can achieve in under 10 minutes?” And to your relief you have nowhere to be, so you go right back to sleep!


On Mondays I sleep in, I brew a cup of coffee, mix in my peppermint mocha creamer, and then wrap myself in a blanket on my couch and check my social medias until I have to run to my 10:30 therapy session


My therapist is the only appointment I have on Mondays. She is the start of my busy week and there is a reason for that. Having a therapist is soooo important to me. My brain travels through the week at light speed…. and by Sunday, I am depleted. These thoughts definitely need to be sorted out and with the help of my amazing therapist, I am able to work through them first thing Monday morning. I always leave my therapist feeling lighter and in more control of my life.


It’s after therapy that I find myself itching to get back to the studio. This isn’t a surprise, I am obsessed with my business. However, the key to a successful self-care day for me is letting my brain rest! So I compromise and allow myself to work on a few quick tasks from home…. never having to change out of my sweatpants. This makes my business brain happy and then I am free to indulge in my favorite part of my self-care Monday…..and that is being a sloth.



Once I leave my office you can find me snuggled up, sitting on my couch eating a whole bag of Parmesan Goldfish. I like to have a glass of wine every so often, light a candle, and just DO NOTHING. That means …. turning off my brain, and catching up on my favorite shows!! I am currently binge watching Maniac on Netflix and I am obsessed.  My Monday typically ends in bed watching the Mindy Project over and over again so I can just zone out and fall asleep. Then it’s on to the next day!

So that’s a little bit of my Monday. How do you babes spend yours? Would you consider a Self-Care Monday?

xx Alexandria