OKAY. I hate writing intros. Honestly… intros are the reason that 95% of my blogs never get posted. The struggle is real. Why is it that simplest of things can be SO absolutely overwhelming? Even something as simple as what to wear for your upcoming boudoir experience… See what I did there? ;)


Welcome to What to Wear Wednesday! A weeklyish (if I can get my shit together) blog series where I hopefully help you figure out what to wear to your boudoir session!

Hi I am Alexandria….  I am a person who lives in neutrals (mainly black) …..


….and the occasional deep dark jewel tones. I am at my comfiest in a pair of tennis shoes, sweatpants and crop top. But… When I am done up in full glam… I am talking hair & makeup, nails done, a bomb outfit and pair of heels….. I feel like I can take over the world! When I scheduled my own boudoir experience last year…. I knew that my personal boudoir aesthetic would be a little bit edgy, editorialish… but still be very classic.  See my vibes here.

Chances are you are shooting with me because you LOVE dark and moody photos. SAMMMME GIRL. However we will likely have some different style ideas, which is totally okay ….I’d even argue and say that is the point! The boudoir experience I have created is not meant to be one size fits all…. I want it to be personalized…. custom tailored to fit you. This is your shoot and your wardrobe should highlight your personality! So my first question to you is……

Who are you doing this session for?

(***HUGE bonus points if you say YOURSELF***)

Can you tell yet that I want this to be about YOU? It is so important to me that each and every one of my clients personalities truly reflect in their images. If you are doing this for anyone else - I promise at the end of your experience it will be for you. That being said — your wardrobe should reflect your personality.

I am here to help you every step of the way … So on our very first What to Wear Wednesday I am giving you some tips to consider when starting to put together your personalized nboudoir wardrobe!


TIP 1:

Don’t overthink It!!!  Simple is more, understated is better…..

TIP 2:

Be true to yourself - If you are a yoga pants and loose tee kinda of girl, don’t bring a leather corset and a whip if you catch my drift… Think more like your favorite shirt, a leather jacket, and black bodysuit.

TIP 3:

White T shirts/Tanks, Collared Shirts, Being nAKed In the Sheets…. Are all simple timeless looks that you grab straight from you closet!

TIP 4:

If you don't like it on your body or its just “so-so” then it's not an option - don’t bring it. I want you to feel like a ethereal goddess in every piece that you wear- no question about it!

TIP 5:

Baby Doll's are very difficult to photograph, it doesn’t matter your body type. You might think they conceal but they only end up making everything look more horizontal.

TIP 6:

If you wear pearls every single day - bring them, but if they are something your husband got you 5 years ago on your anniversary and they haven’t seen the light of day since then don’t.

TIP 8:

If your stomach area is something you’d rather not highlight (MEEE), stay away from bra and panty sets - try high waisted underwear or bodysuits!

TIP 9:

The higher the heels the better - don’t worry you won’t need to be able walk in them.

TIP 10:

Get things that FIT! Size up or Size down if you have to. Size is nothing but a construct that we don’t give emotional power to at the studio. We just want you to look BOMB in well fitted pieces! Cut the tags — and do the damn thing.


Okay that’s it for now! Stay tuned for next week’s What to Wear Wednesday featuring my 5 favorite boudoir looks to shoot.

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