Alexandria Kenyon, Boudoir Photographer


First and foremost, I am a woman just like you, with insecurities, and stress, and a life that can be absolutely overwhelming!.... but would I change it? Absolutely Not!

I am a wife and fur mom of 3 adorable nuisances. Some may call me a cat lady, in which I will reply, " you say that like it’s a bad thing ;)" My husband is active duty USMC so you can say that our lifestyle is certainly on the GO.  In high school, I was the one who my friends would say, "Alex will be the last to get married…. Maybe at like 40…. After she dominates her career." And then I found my person at 19…. And I am married…with a career… at 23. It's absolute madness.

Much to everyone's disbelief, I actually don't mind the military lifestyle as I pride myself in being "busy" and I love to experience new places. I am constantly staying up all hours of the night working, then falling asleep at sunrise just to get up at 9am and power through a day of shoots, appointments, and school.  Clearly, my husband and I are very BUSY human beings. We both have full time careers, full time school, and a full time marriage. When we do find the time we enjoy a date night at Ducks, our favorite Jacksonville, NC restaurant (you must try it) or a day trip to Wilmington!

In the rare moment that I get a second of downtime, you will find me reading poetry or fiction. Poetry is my outlet, and I often write my own, that I lock away... so nobody can read. I enjoy the art of coffee table books and the simplicity of vinyl records. Reading this back I realize.... I am a walking contradiction, I love simplicity but given the chance, I will be the most extra individual I can. Think fur (faux of course) in the middle of summer extra.

I am the kinda girl who supplements breakfast for a cup of coffee and doesn’t mind eating a bowl of cereal for dinner. However, I consider myself a lover of FOOD in general. If I had to define my favorite genre of food I would use the slogan, "From Sashimi to Street Tacos" because I love it all.  A perfect night for me ends with a glass of Cab and the scent of Vanilla and Tobacco. I am a closeted nerd which may come out more once we get to know each other (I love lord or the rings & harry potter to no end.)

I am also the kind of girl who likes to change it up, I never drink my coffee the same, and I am constantly changing my hair color based on my mood. One thing that seems to always stay the same is my love for the color black. That will NEVER change…. I constantly saying to myself…"You should change it up and add some color to your wardrobe," as I put another black shirt into my cart. When in doubt, get it in black, because black never fails.

I live and breathe by the quote "You can never be overdressed or overeducated" -Oscar Wilde and you will often find me out and about in Jacksonville in fur, heels, and my favorite red mac lipstick "DANGEROUS." But, as much as I love to dress it up as much I can, you will also find me in leggings, with no makeup, and my running shoes…. More often then not I am just doing a lap around Target to keep my sanity.

 I pride myself on being honest and this is important because a friend will always tell you the truth. When you come to me I will tell you my opinion (in the nicest way possible) so that you will look your absolute best. You never have to worry about that. I am a listener, and I am here to listen to YOU, to hear what you have to say and make it come to life. I make it a point to find common ground with every person I meet. I find it rare to not get along with someone. My goal is  to be able to connect on a deeper level with each and every one of my clients.


I think that any of my previous clients will tell you that I am an absolute nut. I enjoy making people laugh, mostly at my own expense. I am clumsy, I have knocked over and broken total of 7 light stands during shoots.

Beauty is something I have always been obsessed with, although growing up I felt like I didn't fit the beauty standards of society. I pride myself on being REAL. I shoot real women, women who like me, feel that no matter how hard they try the will never live up to being the girl on the cover of magazine. Well…. This is your chance. Let's throw societal standards out the door. I mean…My body ideal is a toss-up between looking sexy in a body con dress and eating as many carbs as I can. SO I just cheat and wear SPANX, bam best of both worlds! Boudoir for me is about embracing your body without having to give up cheese & wine because that is just unreasonable. It's about being comfortable doing what makes you happy, it's about being who you truly are. If that means slaying at the gym 6 days a week then hell yes, but it could also mean finding comfortability as you are right this very second, and I support that to the fullest.

The point is we all have in common on thing; we don't always feel sexy. Whether you feel sexy occasionally or feel like you have lost it all together you have come to the right place because I have been there before, and guess what I HAVE LIVED THROUGH it and come out stronger on the other side. My goal is for us to be able to relate on some level, to become friends, so that I can support you through this process. This is so much more than sexy photos, this is a chance to be the real you. To be vulnerable in hopes that you can overcome your insecurities and be THAT girl on the cover of the magazine. This is your moment and it is my goal is to give you an experience that you walk away from feeling sexy, strong, and ready to say, "Okay world, here I am!" The way I see it you only come around once in life, so you might as well have a good time!

xx, Alexandria


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