I typically keep my blog strictly BIZ, but I couldn't help myself. I have had a glass of wine (or 3) and I am feeling sentimental! First, where does the time go? I have been married to this man for almost 4 years, it's absolutely crazy! Second, I hate that military wives are constantly shamed for being outwardly supportive of their husbands. It's okay to be proud of your husband, it doesn't mean that you are trying to become him or assume his role.... I mean Green may be my color....but I am going to stick to my expertise of Boudoir Photography (feel free to write a blog about how badass Boudoir is BABE!  ;) I won't shame you!). Third, you need a little background. So HERE. WE. GO. Disclaimer: this is about to get sappy and likely dramatic so leave now if you can't make it through the first 5 minutes of This Is Us without crying. Also, I really don't like the word Wifey.

Carry on....

It has been 10 years.... (insert titanic flashback scene) since my husband stepped on the yellow footprints. I can't take credit for being a part of it all, since I was like 14 years old at the time so I was more focused on passing geometry. It wasn't until years later that we meet (after I turned 19 of course), don't worry mom!!! It was strange, but absolutely wonderful how it all worked out.

Here is a little flashback to my husbands baby smurf days:




Anyways, I met Dustin after 3 back to back deployments. We met, fell in love at a Dave & Busters, and then we did the damn thing. We got married on a Thursday, on our lunch breaks, and both went back to work immediately following. Can you say SOULMATES? (more like crazy workaholics). It was laughable, but romantic. We talked about dreams like most couples do before they get married, his dream was to make a career out of the Marine Corps. That was never negotiable, which was something I respected about him. That being said, I always knew that our marriage would start with the Marine Corps, and that chapter of our lives would end when retirement rolled around. That decision was something I came to truly appreciate down the line when I heard other husbands playing the "I'm getting out, no I'm staying in," run around game for months at a time. THANKFULLY, Dustin hasn't changed his mind. It would be hard for me to deal with that. Why, because I am a TYPE A, perfectionist with ANXIETY and I cannot handle that kind of impulsive life decision teetering..... (you're thinking.... how do you deal with being a USMC wife then.) Honestly, I don't know. The active duty spouse lifestyle wasn't my first choice, but my husband was...so it's manageable. The hardest part of this whole thing is the settling for 2 years and then moving... but not knowing where you are moving to until you are in a house in another state or country. And then losing your best girlfriends. That is the WORST part about it all. Stay tuned for a blog post that features whining about all the friends I miss so much (KELSEY THIS IS YOUR MOMENT). But onto more positive vibes!

   So last week marked, 10 years that my husband has given to the USMC. Side note: what were you doing 10 years ago? I am sad that I didn't have a Facebook that long ago so that Facebook Memories could remind me! 10 YEARS is a decade! WTF! This is going by too fast. I have not been there through it all, I like to say that I got off relatively easy. We have been fortunate to spend 5 years together, uninterrupted by deployments. Our marriage seems normal in comparison to what some of my friends have dealt with. I have had this man home pretty much every night.  My wake up call is coming though... I can feel it. I am thankful for these 5 past years...we have seen our marriage foundation strengthen tenfold. I am sure I will need that for the next 10.

For those of you who know my husband, you're lucky! You understand the kind of human being he is, dedicated to a fault, hardworking, and absolutely selfless. For those of you who don't, you are missing out, I'll give you his number and you can call him later. This man has come home exhausted, to the point of passing out on the floor, but still does the dishes. He is an EXTRAORDINARY PERSON, and an even better best friend. He will always show up for you (even when you're been sassy, it's been proven by me of course). He's the best partner I could have asked for. He is the kind of person you pick first to join your team; I am glad that I did. The Marine Corps is lucky to have had him for 10 years!!!!

HERE COMES THE PROUD WIFE POST: I want to say from the bottom of my heart, congratulations Dustin on 10 years serving your country! Congratulations for being dedicated something bigger than yourself. You make me so proud as a wife, as a best friend, as your family. 10 years’ babe, then we will be sipping fruity drinks on a beach somewhere, building a house that we don't have to move from. Maybe with babies, or maybe with 4 more cats (I can't make any promises). I will keep my the promise that I made to you on that Thursday afternoon at the courthouse, to love and support you, now and through the next 10 years of this crazy life. Through deployments, PCSing, and everything else the military lifestyle throws at us. (And at that point we can renegotiate how nice and understanding I have to be). I love you!

And that's it people. That is how I adopted a last name I can't spell.