There are many perks to be branded a 'Lovely Lady' of Boudoir by Alexandria Kenyon. If getting to watch me being super fun and VERY awkward on Facebook Live doesn't entice you, you also have the opportunity to keep up with my latest work, be inspired, see behind the scenes exclusives, hear from previous clients, and so much more...

And ..... Every now and then I have a special contest exclusive to the Lovely Ladies Facebook group.

A while ago I announced the Boudie Babe Contest! The winner, Haleigh, was gifted an all inclusive boudoir experience with me to, include a custom designed Little Black Book!

This shoot was a mixture of moody and sultry!  As Haleigh stepped out of her comfort zone, I stepped out of mine as well! I faced my fear of Orange HEAD ON.  If you ask any of the women who have gone through my boudoir experience what my preferred color of lingerie is... they most likely know it's black...or almost anything neutral.

However, each and every boudoir experience is personalized to you and a huge part of being true to YOU is bringing in those items that reflect who you are.... even if your boudoir photographer feels some sort of way about the color Orange!

I am not surprised that her hubby's Orange Oxford (Go Vols!) worked so effortlessly.  The mint brought out her striking blue eyes and the orange highlighted her bronze glowy skin! So...... although I am firm believer that that Orange will NEVER be the new black.... I will acknowledge how amazingly it complimented this session.

Now let me introduce to you...the stunning Miss Haleigh.

Here is what Haleigh had to say about her experience:

"I have gained over 20 pounds the past couple of years and it makes me very insecure with my body. I usually HATE pictures of myself because all I can see is the extra weight I have put on. It was scary to show so much skin in front of camera at a time that I was so uncomfortable with my body."

"I was stunned with the outcome of the photos! I had no idea I could look so sexy, especially after gaining weight. And Alex is so much fun to work with! She walks you through everything."

"I think everyone should have a boudoir experience. Even if you have reservations about it because you're not comfortable with the way your body looks."

Can we all stop for a second to appreciate her LONG modelesque legs!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are enchanting Haleigh! Thank you for going on this wild ride with me and allowing me to share it with the world!

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