Miss T drove 5 hours from South Carolina to find herself again. She came to see me at the studio for her boudoir experience and left in tears. This is her story.

I listened as she told me her story. Within the first few minutes of listening to her speak, I knew how much beauty and compassion this woman possessed. She had such a positive, adorning love for others. She had so much love for her daughter, and so much passion for her husband. The problem...She was compassionate and loving towards everyone but herself.

This would be her first overnight trip away from her daughter, and as scary as that was, she WANTED and more importantly NEEDED to have a boudoir experience. She told me she barely let her husband see her naked and that was what she wanted to change. This was her opportunity to look into the mirror and truly see herself for the first time. She needed a confidence boost, for herself, for her marriage, for her daughter.

Here is what Miss T has to say about her Boudoir Experience:

"I decided to pursue a boudoir experience because I was lacking confidence so badly that it was really affecting my life and my happiness. I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin. So I decided that a boudoir experience would be the perfect opportunity to find myself again. When I met Alexandria I felt like I knew her my whole life, she will answer any and every question and is very honest. On the day if my shoot It was so refreshing to get pampered! It was so liberating and I felt so comfortable! My advice to anyone considering having a boudoir experience, DO IT...you need to do it. Seriously, every woman should have this experience and do it with Alex to ensure the best time and the best photos! I had such an amazing time and will cherish the confidence and the beauty she helped me see in myself."


After our final shot, she told me,

"I feel like I have the confidence to walk down this street naked, right now!" 

She was immediately herself again, confident in who she was, and liberated from the negativity she posed on her body. We hugged and the studio was consumed by her overwhelming feeling of relief. Then we cried tears of happiness because it was freakin' emotional!

She found herself that day, and she hadn't even seen the photos yet. That is the power of the boudoir experience. Miss T chose to love herself for who she is, insecurities and all. This was her defining moment, her opportunity to look into the mirror and truly see herself for the first time, as a smokin' hot mother who CANNOT and WILL NOT be defined by anyone but herself.

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And the best part....when she saw her finished products:

"Oh my gosh. I'm in literal tears looking at my photos. I cannot thank you enough for reminding me that it's okay to love myself and give my body the credit that it deserves. You are amazing. I'm so so grateful for you and this experience. You have given me so much more than I expected and I really really appreciate it with my whole heart! You are amazing. I'm so so grateful for you and this experience.'

"I was so happy and walked away with confidence that helps me strut every single day!" - Miss T

I am over the moon stoked for Miss T! She is walking away from her experience as fierce and as confident as ever.

Boudoir is the opportunity to be naked with yourself, for yourself. Let's strip away the insecurities, the self doubt, the reservations. Let's put it all out there, put everything on the table, because when you are vulnerable you are YOU. When you let your walls down you GROW. And this is the kind of growth I want for all women.

If you're down for a little bit of vulnerability in 2017, let's chat!

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