IT'S WHAT TO WEAR WEDNESDAY.....and JACKSONVILLE, NC IT'S NOVEMBER! I have been patiently waiting for bone chilling weather for like 3 months! Can you tell that fall is my FAVORITE season, followed very closely by winter! There is something so romantic about a colder weather. Warm fires, hot coffee, the leaves changing, and most importantly been able to go outside without sweating to death! ....There is nothing sexy about drowning in your own puddle of sweat, but I'll save those thoughts for later.

Introducing: Miss K

I am so thankful that the weather is kind of getting chillier, even if its only one day out of the week, I WILL TAKE IT... and I will run with it... to the nearest Starbucks wearing boots and a peacoat... even though I am likely overheating in it (Thanks again mother nature)! THAT IS THE PRICE WE PAY FOR FALL FASHION! Fall is seriously the SWEATER WEATHER season..... and what does that even mean? .... it means that it's FINALLY socially acceptable to bring out your FALL WARDROBE FAVORITES. Some of us fall obsessed individuals have been secretly setting our AC to 65 in the middle of AUGUST so that we can wear sweaters and flannels, it's fine.... I know I have a problem.

My favorite fall articles... oversized sweaters and knee high socks! Literally, anything that you wear in fall will be complimentary to an oversized sweater or a pair of Knee highs, you just simply cannot go wrong!  Not only is this the perfect combination for the FALL SEASON, but have you ever thought that this would be an AMAZING combination for your boudoir wardrobe ....?

For a boudoir shoot, I always recommend that you wear what you are COMFORTABLE IN, even though I always suggest that you bring one outfit that is a little bit outside of your comfort zone! Miss K has such an awesome sense of style! When I first met her I was so impressed by how confident she was in her style choices. She is the queen of BOHO chic style, a walking free people ad, and I wanted that to reflect in her boudoir images. So, her perfect pairing needed to showed some skin without showing too much..... Remember that less can ALWAYS be more, if you style and photograph it appropriately.

AND SO HERE YOU SEE MISS K in what SHE FEELS sexy, and most importantly comfortable in, her oversized sweater and tall socks! It's romantically minimalistic, but a true reflection of who she is! I adore this look for fall boudoir sessions! Boudoir wardrobe doesn't have to be over the TOP, it just has to be YOU.  We love when our girls can be cozy and comfortable during their shoot! 

We wanted to share with you some of our favorite shops to get some comfy sweaters.  We love Forever 21, H&M, American Eagle, Top Shop,  and Free People.  What are your favorite stores to shop for fall clothes?

There's nothing better than a perfect pairing, fall and hot coffee, you and a boudoir experience, oversized sweaters and tall socks. 

Want to get your FALL on? Let's chat over our favorite hot drinks!

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