I am SOOOOO EXCITED to share this blog post with you guys! It feels like it has been a hot minute right? SO YEAH, LET'S GET ON WITH IT! You may have recently seen this AK BABE  on my various social media accounts as I have been sharing little sneaks of this session for the past couple of weeks. yes, I AM OBSESSED with her! I could talk and talk about this woman for days, but I figure you guys probably want to hear all the little details about her experience from her.



"Where do I begin with my shoot.... it was last year when I started stalking this group [the boudoir by ak babe cave] and picture after picture I saw how amazing Alex photographed all of you beautiful ladies. I was nervous about doing a shot of my own because I was so self conscious and the girls on the page always made it look so easy. In July I took the plunge and finally messaged her. To start off she was so upfront and honest with EVERYTHING! She's very confident in her work to say your PICTURES WILL LOOK GOOD... not might, but will. I loved that. To have a photographer be that confident in her work and to have the photos to back her up is wonderful! I was very nervous about my posing ability. I didn't think it would come naturally to me. She told me to relax and if I looked awkward she would help fix whatever needed to be fixed for that pose.

Finally my shoot day came! Alex and Christina [hair and makeup artist] were both very sweet, goofy and made me feel very welcomed. Christina makes you look like a million bucks with your hair and make up. Not to mention the whole time we all talked and laughed! After we finished glam it was shoot time. Alex turned the music on and she made me feel very comfortable. I was very relaxed even though I was in next to nothing. She positioned me in a way that would accentuate my favorite parts of my body! She showed me each and every pose and if I didn't get correctly she showed me again until I got it. She helped with making it the best and most memorable experience.

When I saw my before and after on this group I about died. I had to do a double take, like that's not me!! Through this process I have learned that you're beautiful no matter what the scale says.
Ladies don't be so hard on yourself! Your beautiful in your own skin and everybody should have a boudoir experience just to see how true that is.

Thank you Alex for helping me get my confidence back and making me feel beautiful.
Book your session soon with her and STRETCH BEFORE YOUR SHOOT 😘"