I hear it all the time, "I don't feel confident with my body after having kids," and so many women approach me expressing concerns like: "I don't feel comfortable at this weight" or "I am ashamed of my stretch marks".  WELL MOMS!!!!!! I have news for you, in spite of everything YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AS EVER. You brought a life into this world,  and what is more beautiful than that? Your body confidence & sexuality are within you. And don't worry, I am going to show you that you are sexier than ever before as a MOM! Motherhood doesn't have to define your sexy, so don't let it.

Let me introduce to you a mother who was struggling with body confidence. This is Miss Amanda and at the time of our shoot she was only 8 weeks postpartum!

Here is what she had to say about being a mom and how having a boudoir experience changed her:

I decided I wanted to have boudoir experience with Alexandria Kenyon to prove to myself that I am beautiful, now more than ever! After bringing two babies into the world, I lost all of my confidence. It was really hard to accept how my body changed after having a C section. I am so happy that Alexandria was able to find lingerie that flattered my post baby body, but also made me look and feel sexy.  Seriously, I cannot even believe the difference in my before and after photos! I look like a completely different woman and feel absolutely gorgeous!


"I never thought it would be so liberating to get dressed up and be a model for the day. "


My experience has changed the way I see my body.  Every picture I saw in my reveal slideshow was amazing and I couldn't help but STARE AT MYSELF. I looked so strong and confident! I haven't looked or felt that way about myself for so long!

"To all of the Mom's who are considering having a boudoir experience, just give it a shot! You will not regret it one bit. This experience has boosted my confidence and made me feel better about myself in every way."

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