Kristina Elizabeth Photography

Kristina Elizabeth Photography

It's 11:57 on a Sunday evening and I am laying in bed watching The Mindy Project trying to unwind from my day. There is a snoring man next to me, who just so happens to be the love of my life.

I am lucky and I want to tell you why.

I got married at 19. Disclaimer nobody tells you what marriage is REALLY like. At 19 I thought that I would get married, work, pop out a couple kids, and retire somewhere tropical. The plan was to be wildly and passionately obsessed with my perfect man everyday for the REST of my life. Newsflash, marriage is not anywhere close to that, but it is filled with the funniest moments ever!

So here is what marriage at 22 is really like.

1. You will eat. And by eat I mean there will SO MANY DISCUSSIONS over what you are having for dinner, where you are going to dinner, and when you will be having dinner. It's a daily thing.  You will attempt to meal prep... learn new recipes... or maybe eat an entire bag of goldfish for dinner while he eats grilled chicken, it's fine. You will EAT. Fancy dinners, tacos, CHEESE, sushi. You will share many amazing dishes with someone you love and what is better than that? Our lives revolve around food and I am not complaining.

2. Adventure or date night on the couch? It doesn't matter. Each one will be equally compelling and result in your husband falling asleep halfway through.  Whether you are face deep in Game of Thrones or just got back from a really romantic dinner and expected the night to go differently he is going to be snoring in 8-10 minutes.

3. When you get your first pet together and they literally DESTROY everything you own. And yes Ariel Nicole I am referring to you! Say goodbye now to buying anything nice, it will be compromised. You are going to love your fur child so much it won't even matter, however you will both ask yourselves many times WHYYY!!!

4. You will blow up the stove, fire alarms WILL go off, and the fire department will be called. But don't worry take out is always an option. Your husband will also never let you live it down. Like at Thanksgiving when they tell the story for the 6th time.

5. You will buy furniture off Craiglist and tell a little white lie about how much it actually cost. Your husband will hate it.

6 Your husband will hate decor in general and all of your questions concerning it. SO no matter what you bring home, how much it was on sale for, or how cute it is... they will NEVER understand.

7. We will complain that we want to get in shape pretty much everyday. Your husband will take it upon himself to "train" you. 5 minutes into the run/joggy power-walk thing... your shoe will become untied. When you do stop to tie your shoe there will be a discrepancy on whether or not you did it on purpose. Honestly, you probably did but in reality tough love gets you through until the next excuse.

***disclaimer let your husband know that you only run outside when its 75 degrees, partly cloudy, with a northeastern cool breeze hitting your face. That will be sure to help your situation.

8. Wet towels on the bed will lead to World War III. Take it from me, hang your towel up, and nobody will get hurt.

9. Your fights over text will be about the weirdest things.. Like a can opener....

10. And most importantly you get to do life with your best friend. Sure you're young, but you have so many more years to annoy your spouse. It's awesome, and I wouldn't change it for the world.