Ms. S's favorite color is "pink pink pink pink anddddddd pink". She is a mom of two small children, a wife, a fashionista, and she can solve a Rubik’s cube! Which is pretty badass if I do say so myself!!!! More importantly, Ms. S is vibrant, ambitious, witty, and just downright magnificent. And I got all of that and more within 5 minutes of her walking through my door.

She let me know in her questionnaire, "I am so awkward at first but I promise it will get better! I’m really bubbly and fun once the awkward stage goes away." It's surprising to me that most, if not all of my clients like to warn me of their so called 'awkwardness'.


I hear it all of the time! And yet I have never once experienced any awkwardness during a shoot, glam, or consultation (I will let Ms. S tell you more about her side of that in a minute).  I mean..... I get it.... you are in next to nothing with a person that you have only briefly met and she's GOT A CAMERA. It's okay to be nervous, I certainly was for my own shoot and I do this for a living! (Seriously I was sweating during my entire glam sesh). But I can and will PROMISE that you will never feel awkward (maybe nervous for the first 5 seconds, until you realize this is EASY and more importantly FUN! and you forget you're even in your bra and underwear). My goal has always been to create a laid back environment where you can BE YOU and not feel judged. Girl, if awkward is truly you, we will celebrate it! If shy is you, we will celebrate it. If loud and crazy (me) is you, we will celebrate it!


It is in the vulnerability of the first 5 frames that you will find your strength and the confidence WILL come oozing out. Sorry, ooze is a gross word, but you get it. Once you strip down -- the scary part is Over. Gone. Poof. During your shoot, it's just me + you hanging out talking about music, relationships, makeup, insecurities, ghosts, wine, the weather.... anything and everything. It's a much needed girls day -- in which I hope we become friends!! (and then you come see me again hint hint Ms. S!!!)

Okay YES -- back to Ms. S! Who is in NO WAY awkward at first. She is bubbly, authentic, and just downright her truest self. I am going to let her tell you more about her experience. So let's see -- did she feel awkward during her boudoir experience?

MS. S SAYS.....


"I decided to do a boudoir shoot because as I mom I NEVER take the time to do things for myself. My whole life I’ve always been ‘cute’, never ’sexy’, and that was my main concern going into my shoot. I didn’t want to look like I was trying too hard to be something I’m not, and that the photos wouldn’t come across genuine. I was scared I wouldn’t be able to pose or look sexy in my boudoir photos.

But girl, I was so wrong.


The day of my session was magical. Alex and Christina were so funny, and made me feel so comfortable. My makeup was so glamorous, I didn’t even recognize myself! The session went so well, Alex showed me every pose and made sure I got it down perfect. She was the best cheerleader too, she made me feel so self confident, like I was a model in a magazine. Seriously. Later that evening she posted the first sneak peak in her group, and I was blown away. Everyone was commenting incredibly nice things too, which gives you a self esteem boost.


I was counting down the days until my reveal appointment, which was as equally amazing as the session.  She had SO many images for me to choose from, and I’m not even sure how I managed to choose. When I saw my images, I didn’t see the things that I didn’t like about myself, I only saw the things I now LOVE. I ended up getting my digitals, an album in ROSE GOLD, a wall metal, a nightstand metal, and the phone app, and I’m still mad at myself for not getting more.


Those photos show the best version of myself. My self confidence has skyrocketed since my session, and I’ve come to the realization you can be ‘cute’ and ‘sexy’, you don’t have to choose just one.


I feel so much better about myself than I ever have. Everyday I look in the mirror instead of seeing my tummy that I hated, I see a body that’s carried two babies. Everyday when I look at my pictures, I feel so beautiful and remind myself that I’m more than just a mom and a wife. I’m a damn GODDESS.

Thank you so much Alex, for the most wonderful experience, and I can’t wait until our next session!"


Are you ready to feel like a DAMN GODDESS  -- let's get in touch ASAP. I am now booking for AUGUST 2018.