I had a dream about a burning house. You were stuck inside, I couldn’t get you out. Laid beside you and pulled you close, and the two of us went up in smoke. Love isn’t all that it seems... I did you wrong. I’ll stay here with you, until this dream is gone.
— Cam


Music is something that I have always been really close to. It is something that truly inspires me. It is something that is a huge part of my life.

When I heard the song Burning House by Cam for the first time I couldn't help but fall in love with the intense and passionate feelings portrayed. I decided that I wanted to put together a styled shoot to emulate the lyrics and the imagery in Cam's song.

So this is Burning House. A fiery mixture of romance, passion, and intimate photography.

"In this burning house I can hold on to you somehow...".

Go here to listen along. 

A special thanks to Arielle Valenzuela Photography who helped me plan & style this shoot! Also to Suzanne Hopkins for allowing us to shoot at her private residence!

To our models, Lauren and Garrett! You guys are the best!

And lastly, to my husband! Thank you for handling the fire so we didn't burn everything down!