So I am turning 23 today and my first thought when I arose at 12pm (I blame my blackout curtains), "I don't feel different at all." I certainly ate enough cake last night to feel on top of the world but that's about it. Seriously though my cake was AMAZING!

23 years old.....Am I seriously an adult now? because I am not sure I am ready.... but the fact that I have spent my birthday so far on the phone with Century Link, a total of 96 minutes to be exact, trying to solve my internet crisis says that I might be. I celebrate the small things in life and that is what 23 is about. #adultingainteasy

So how do I feel now that I am 23? WHERE did 22 go? Life is going way too fast! I am internally screaming I'M NOT READY!!! But I have no choice.

I feel that it's time to trade in vodka redbulls for ONE glass of red wine because my hangovers seem to becoming increasingly worse. It's time to go back to school! Because I feel myself getting behind! It's time to trade in the heels for flats! and most importantly it's time to start loving myself.

I could say a few generic things like I need to eat better, I need to go to the gym more, I need to wear more sunscreen, but how do I go about this process of getting back in touch with me?

I TAKE A DAMN SELFIE. or better yet have my husband take one. One where I feel good about myself.... and those may be few and far between, but I found one. So Hi Grandma! I am certain you will love this! In the day and age of social media models overloading my life I can say that I feel 100% Okay with posting this here. Because this is my real body and I feel good about it.

So here is to 23! The year of posting EVERY picture that is awesome on social media even if I feel my body isn't up to societal standards! It's about eating the whole cake if I want to, wearing the crop top because I can, taking a million photos because I want to remember EVERYTHING, getting two sandwiches at Jimmy Johns... no explanation necessary. Spending time with the people that I love! It's about being fierce in my own skin, accepting the fact that maybe I wasn't made to be thin but I sure as hell was made to be happy.

The biggest part of 23 that I am looking forward to? Falling more in love with myself! I am on this journey to self love and you should be too!!