Does it feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders ? ☑

Are you burnt out babe?

Do you find yourself saying, “I need a vacation?”

Do you feel like your cup is not full right now?

Like you’re doing everything for everyone else but it will never be good enough?

Do you wish there were 4 more copies of you, so you could get all of your responsibilities under control?

Like you can’t pause for one minute because if you do everything will come crumbling down!

Do you feel guilty?

Like you can’t be the wife, mom, professional you want to be because you don’t have enough time?

I have a secret: If you have felt even one of those emotions …. chances are you are overwhelmed at this very moment.

Another secret…. 99% of Women FEEL like this

- at some point in their lives -


Now that you have recognized that you are having these emotions, and that these emotions are making you feel super overwhelmed…unhappy…. and not growing you into the best version of yourself.

I have simple solution to help you get yourself back on track …… before you have a full on stress meltdown!



    They say people who make their beds in the morning are happier and more productive! SO, you actually need to make your bed! You don’t have to commit to a lifetime of making your bed every morning because life is guaranteed to get in the way of that… but you can make the choice to make it today! Because you want to feel better right now! ……SO if you didn’t make your bed this morning, go run and do it right now even if it’s 5 pm! And if you have already done so, you are on the right track to step two….


The key word being Manageable! You are a human being, you’re not going to be able to bleach your entire house, work for 8 hours, and make a 5 course meal for dinner all in the 12 hours you are awake that day. Give yourself some grace doll. Baby steps. Write down 3 manageable tasks at the beginning of your day. ACTUALLY WRITE THEM DOWN. Instead of writing ‘bleach the entire house’, break it down - ‘wipe down the counters in the kitchen’ then check that bitch off and move on to the next task. Instead of saying ‘sit down and work for 8 hours’ I would write down edit 10 photos from XXX collection. Then check it off! Instead of writing down ‘make an entire 5 course meal’ instead….. just order out! I am thinking Chipotle tonight. You’re a busy babe - you don’t always have to wear all of the hats.

Your brain will be so happy that you’re checking off boxes and that you will get MOTIVATED AF to check off even more! You want your mind to succeed, so set it up for success and you will achieve much more than if you set yourself up to fail!! GO MAKE THAT LIST!!!


What Carrie Bradshaw says is true…."Maybe our girlfriends are our soul-mates and guys are just people to have fun with." Your friends can be your soul mates. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, chances are you’re not alone. AHEMMMM all women feel this way at some point in their lives. You need to call your person, you know the one who understands you at your core and doesn’t judge you! The Cristina Yang to your Meredith Grey. Even if you haven’t reached out in awhile, she will make time for you, because she loves you. You will be surprised how light you feel when you reconnect with her and she will empathize with what you are going through. You will start feeling immediate relief in knowing you are not alone in this crazy thing called life.


WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Well - you need to bring yourself back to this earth babe. Your mind needs to connect with your body. So find somewhere comfortable to sit, breathe, and get connected to your senses! The goal is to Bring awareness each of your 5 senses. One at a time, for about one minute each.

5 - LOOK 4 - FEEL 3 - LISTEN 2 - SMELL 1 - TASTE:


5...4...3...2...1 I want relief! CLICK HERE


You might be reluctant to start meditation because you don’t know how powerful, euphoric, and restorative it can be. Or maybe you are scared of being quiet with your own thoughts (MEEEEE). I can assure you, that you got this babe! All you have to do is dedicate 20 minutes of your life to a little self-exploration journey. It’s not scary, It’s POWERFUL!!

How to Meditate: Disclaimer I am not expert at mediation - I just started my own mediation journey! What you need to do is…..Find a safe, quiet place that you can shut the world out for 20 minutes. And I mean literally shut your door. I typically lay in my bed under my duvet with a bunch of pillows. Leave your phone, your husband, your cats, your computer, your kids, your tablet in another room. Lock the door. You need to free yourself from distractions. (side note if your kids/dogs/husbands/cats literally scream and cry at the door, ignore them because this is a much needed YOU TIME!

The key to staying focused is to channel your breathing - in through your nose, out through you mouth (and when your thoughts distract you, go back to focusing on your breathing pattern). The best part about mediation is there is not RIGHT WAY! If you want to breathe out of your mouth the whole time, DO IT (I DO)! Whatever feels right for your body will be absolutely restorative, I promise.

HERE is a FREE Guided MEDITATION VIDEO to get you started on your journey! It’s 25 minutes and changed my life! (I sobbed through it, it was so enlightening).


WHHHEWHHH! You’re starting to feel less overwhelmed already! GOOD! Once you have completed your 5 simple steps, there is only one thing left to do. TAKE YOUR SELF DISCOVERY JOURNEY ONE STEP FURTHER BY HAVING A BOUDOIR EXPERIENCE WITH ALEXANDRIA KENYON. You’re ready. Let’s connect. Fill out the form below!

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