Shoot Preparation

Here are some other tips for finding looks that will enhance the wonderfulness, sensuality and natural prettiness of you during your shoot:

  • Visualize the clothing, sexy heels, accessories and props you will want to wear for your shoot. Flip through your favorite fashion magazines to discover ways to pair colors, fabrics and styles for easy runway glamour.

  • Shop your closet for the items you instinctively select when you want to feel (and look) your very best. Let your imagination roam!

  • Grab a style-savvy and fun-loving friend and hit women’s fashion boutiques to hunt down an ensemble that not only flatters your figure, but also makes you feel comfortable, unquestionably beautiful and relaxed.

  • Pick out lingerie that highlights your every lovely curve, but please remember sometimes a tight T-shirt, soft sweater or over-sized button-down shirt can be even sexier. Let your own personality shine through.


  • Fingernails and toenails should be tidied up and looking clean. Why not spoil yourself with a mani/pedi? French polish or neutral tones are always a great choice.

  • Please don’t get a spray on tan unless you are a seasoned veteran. Right before your photo shoot isn't the time to try tanning for the first time because of potential hiccups like orange knees, streaks, or too dark colour. If you must spray-tan, please make sure you have a day in between to shower so the tanner does not rub off on the sheets and leave them permanently stained.

  • If you have clip-in extensions that match your current colour, bring them! Lots of hair is really fun to give you a super sexy look. Please let us know in advance if you will be bringing extensions so we can schedule adequate prep time. Please have them clipped in and ready to go.

  • If you have hair on your face or body that you don’t like, please remove it before the shoot. “Photoshopping it” isn’t as easy as you may think. If you prefer waxing, I recommend having it done at least 3 days before the shoot, so your skin has time to heal if you break out. Please - if you do not want to

  • Plan a fun night out afterwards with your girlfriends or partner. You're going to look like a million bucks, so go out and enjoy it!


750_5997 copy.jpg


 One of the most common things I hear from my clients is "I don't know how to pose" or "I don't think I can be sexy". During your shoot I will be telling you exactly what to do the entire time. I coach different facial expressions, eyelines, and poses.

There are some things you can practice at home before your shoot that will help you feel comfortable with the actions before you get in front of my camera. Take some time in front of the mirror and try these:

  • Relax your jaw and breathe through your mouth - this creates a sexy lip separation.

  • Smile with your eyes. Tyra Banks made this famous and it works! Genuine smiles are always the most beautiful.

  • Smile as you would if you saw your love or your best friend walking toward you on the street. As I mentioned above, genuine smiles are much better than the fake ones we do when a camera is pointing our way.

  • Elegant hands - imagine a ballerina's hands. Soft and delicate movements with relaxed fingers. With your ballerina hands, use your pointer or middle finger to lightly trace a line from the top of your hairline toward your earlobe and down your jaw.

  • Back arch - Chest up, shoulders back, pelvis tilted forward, belly button in and bum out. You will best see this if you are standing with your side facing the mirror.

  • Pointing your toes - this one you can practice sitting down. Stick your leg out and imagine ballerinas (again) point your toes away from your body to elongate your leg.

I hope this helps you feel a little more prepared, and don't stress! You will be coached by me throughout the shoot.


The Week Before

  • If you wax, do so a few days before your shoot to avoid any bumpiness or redness.

  • Make sure your eyebrows are nicely shaped and groomed.

  • If you’re planning to visit the salon for a haircut or color, then give yourself a few days to make sure you are happy with it.

  • Be sure to get a salon manicure and pedicure for a flawless finish.

  • Stay out of the sun – while a base tan will be nice in photos, red, blotchy skin will not.


  • Drink plenty of water for luminous skin.

  • Lower your salt intake and avoid alcohol if you’re worried about retaining water.

  • Try on your outfits and lingerie to make sure they fit properly; remove all tags and labels. Steam or iron your ensembles and hang them properly so they keep their shape as you travel to the studio.

The day before

  • Wash and moisturize your face before the shoot, and try to avoid wearing makeup! Let your skin breathe.

  • Brush your lips with a toothbrush to remove dry skin

  • Drink plenty of water the day of and in the days before your session. This will ensure that your skin is hydrated, which will also make sure your makeup goes on more smoothly and your skin has a healthy glow. You might even consider exfoliating (gently!) a few days prior to your session and moisturize before getting dressed on the day of.

  • Go to bed early! You have a big day tomorrow!!

  • Make sure you do not have swimsuit tan lines.

  • Cut tags from see through lingerie.

  • Bathe, shave and moisturize.

  • Remove ALL price tags, size & care labels, etc. from clothing, especially from lingerie and panties. They can ruin otherwise great photographs.

  • Double-check everything is properly packed and ready for the shoot: heels, jewelry, accessories, props.

  • Enjoy a relaxed, quiet evening.

  • Plan for a good night’s sleep – eight hours is ideal.



The day of

  • Wear loose comfortable clothing to the shoot; clothes that bind will leave marks. Yoga pants and a tank with a hoodie is great. Put these on as early as you can because red marks can take hours to disappear. If you can go without a bra and underwear that is ideal, just remember to bring something to wear after the shoot!

  • Avoid dry lips by putting chapstick or moisturizing lip balm on your lips before bed and the morning of your shoot.

  • Arrive with clean and moisturized skin. No makeup please.

  • Lather up with body lotion (x2)

  • Use clear deodorant please.

  • Be sure to eat before your session. Not a huge meal, but the session will take a while and you’ll need your energy to hold some of those fantastic poses, so eat at least a light meal.

  • Take a Deep Breathe, You've Got this!